Thank you so much for our beautiful puppy. I was so impressed with the conditions that your beautiful dogs live in. I was even more impressed by the way you care about your puppies and your integrity. Buying a puppy so far from home is a scary process because you never know what you might be going to look at. I am so glad that I was lucky enough to come across your website and choose you to purchase my puppy from. Our little pembroke corgi Gabby was worth the long drive. Thanks again so much.

Kathleen Jones

Finding a cardigan welsh corgi puppy for my son in the NH area proved very difficult, so I started an online search for a reputable company, landing at Alcott Family Yorkie And Corgi. I picked out a pup & easily put in his reservation. I received quick communication via phone and email and was able to schedule his arrival on a weekend. He was flown into an airport about an hour from home and delivered directly to my home in a pet carrier that had some of his current puppy food brand & his vet/health information.


We couldn’t have been happier with the service, communication and resources from Alcott Family Yorkie And Corgi! Our new little guy, renamed HANS, is such a welcomed addition to the family! He is growing so quickly and is so smart! He even figured out a new game he got for Christmas already! I would use Alcott Family Yorkie And Corgi again in the future and really valued the white glove service we received.

Michelle Collier

We are so pleased with Eve! She arrived and immediately began to get to know our family. She’s curious and friendly, and extremely smart. In just a few days, she was getting the hang of peeing and pooping outside. Now, because she’s so young, sometimes she can’t hold it, but she gets the concept. She’s also doing well with crate training. Her pedigree must be amazing, because she is just about the most fun, well-behaved, friendliest, sweetest and smartest dog ever. We highly recommend her breeder and her sire/dame. All paperwork from the breeder was in order, and her bill of health at our fist vet visit was excellent.

Marie Felix

Anne was a blessing to our family this year. You made our dream come true, To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us, Because we had falling into the hands of scam many times , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money upfront. And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words, God will bless you and your family, i can’t stop thanking you, We so excited. Wishing you the the best. if i have someone who is interested in buying a Welsh Corgi puppy, your website will be the first to visit.

Joshua Sullivan

Just got my female cardigan Corgi baby shipped to me. Thank you for assisting me through this whole process. Linda is right here in my arms, she is looking so strong and full of energy. I am so happy to have this puppy. It has always been my wish to get a Welsh Corgi and now that i spend all of my time at home doing nothing, I needed someone to keep me company, at first I Did not know how to get a puppy because I could not leave the house. But Alcott Family Yorkie And Corgi shipped the puppy right to my home address. All I did was pay for my puppy and sign to collect her when she arrived. Thanks a lot. God Bless You.

Beth Berrian

I wanted to let you know how special my Roxie is! She was absolutely worth every cent and still is! She is beautiful, silly, loving, loves road trips, and being the center of attention. My friends and family absolutely adore her!

Thank you for bringing her to me!


Peaches is the perfect dog for me. She is quiet, calm, loves to sit on my lap with me all day. She is an amazing emotional support/therapy dog, just what the doctor ordered! 

You guys chose the perfect puppy for me!


I absolutely love my Yorkshire Terrier! She is everything I wanted and more. She blended into the family better than I could have imagined. Plays with the kids, joins dad to go fishing, sits on my lap as I read! She is an amazing addition to my family!

Thank you Alcott Family Yorkie And Corgi for another sweet baby! 


We named her Tails (after my sons favorite Sonic the Hedhog character). She is a ball of energy, that loves to play with children and other animals. Fetch is one of her favorite games, as well as tug-o-war. She’s is great with children; and mixed with so well with our family. 

We couldn’t of asked for a better addition to our family.